Today ends the 10-day Master Cleanse – Yeah!

Well I did it! I made it all 10-days!!! Tonight I broke my cleanse by drinking a delicious GREEN smoothie!!! It made me so happy and energized to be finally done, and successful. I was bouncing off the walls with joy! So, my total weight loss was about 10 pounds. I feel great!

Tonight I made myself a super-delicious chocolate birthday cake, with a creamy cherry middle, and a chocolate mousse topping. Tomorrow is the big day – on St. Patty’s day! So we will celebrate with a raw pasta dish, and delicious raw cake for dessert. I can’t wait!!!

Then this weekend I will be going to my very first ever raw food meetup – a Raw Chocolate Party on Saturday night. Then on Sunday, my Mom and I will be going to another raw food meetup to see Paul Nison, and have delicious raw pie!!! It’s going to be a super week!!!

More to come…



One thought on “Today ends the 10-day Master Cleanse – Yeah!

  1. You made it. Sounds like you're celebrating the way I would. Those treats sound yummy. Just don't let Paul know what you're up to; he used to get after me about the chocolate thing (he doesn't think we should be consuming it). Tell him I said hi, although he probably doesn't remember me. It's been a long time.

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