Simple Chocolate Banana Sandwiches Dessert

This is day 9 of my Master Cleanse, and I’m really getting bored with it. However, I have enjoyed creating unique and special dishes for my son, and even simple raw desserts like this one. Enjoy!

1 banana
1 super cacao ball
1/4 cup or more simple chocolate syrup
handful crush sliced almonds
sprinkle raw cacao nibs
sprinkle ground cinnamon
handful vegan carob chips (optional)

Slice banana into equal sized rounds – make an even number of them. I made about 5 sandwiches or 10 slices. Slice a super cacao ball into 5 pieces. Spoon some chocolate syrup on one side of each banana slice. Top with one piece of cacao ball. Top half the slices with the other half of banana slices. Pour more chocolate syrup over, and sprinkle with all the fixin’s! Yummo! Isn’t that simple and yummy!!!

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