Here’s how to get rid of fat & still eat like a pig!…

There’s a ‘New Gal’ in town and her name is Dr Suzanne!
And she’s done something no one has ever done before:

She’s found the “REAL” way to lose FAT, be HEALTHY, and yet still
eat whatever you want!

In fact, she’s even had “death threats” aimed against her because
what she’s really done has ticked off the ‘Powers-That-Be’
(including drug companies and weight-loss food manufacturers).

Here’s how her new “T0P Secret Fat Loss Secret” works:

Dr Suzanne discovered something that a small group of other doctors
are just now catching on to.

Namely that ALL sicknesses and diseases (including Obesity) start
in the intestines (your colon).

This happens because of “toxic build-up” due to your body being
unable to get rid of a small amount of what you eat in every single
meal or snack you take in.

And over time, this little “left over bit” starts to add up – and

It works basically like this:

You eat say 100 “units” of toxins in every meal or snack.

You “poop-out” most of it — say 99 units.

Subtracting means you have 100 – 99 = 1 left over “toxic” unit.

Over 1,000 such snacks or meals you end up having 1,000 “toxic”
units in ‘build-up.’

Although each small meal or snack may seem meaningless to you,
these built-up “stores” of toxins cause your body to equally
build-up FAT.


To “protect” you from the poisonous “toxins.”

That’s right! The extra pounds are your body’s way of putting a big
“rubber tire” of insulation between YOU and the “bad junk.”

And once you have BOTH extra “fat stores” and “toxins” you’re in

What then happens is you fall vulnerable to every kind of
‘sickness’ and ‘disease.’

And this pattern is what’s been happening now for the better part
of 50 years (more so in the United States than perhaps anywhere
else on earth!)

Before 1954 in fact, people ate much fattier foods, full of greasy
cholesterol and oils, yet the number of people who suffered
diabetes, cancers, strokes and just about everything else, pales
compared to today!

So the “guilty party” had little to nothing to do with all the
so-called “bad foods” — and pretty much went completely unnoticed.

“Unnoticed” until Dr Suzanne began studying the problem.

You see, Dr Suzanne comes from a family of “chunky” people — yet
despite this she is very lean and even “sexy!”

People who meet her think she’s some kind of “aerobics trainer” or
someone who starves themselves half to death — but that’s NOT the
case at all!

Dr Suzanne doesn’t really exercise that much, and she even “eats
like a pig!” (according to one close friend and “insider”).

So how is this possible?

Luck? … Hardly!

Dr Suzanne discovered that if you simply get rid of the same amount
of toxins and JUNK going in, you never end up getting the “toxic
build-up” in the first place.

And NO toxic build-up means absolutely NO disease, and NO extra
“pudge” around the middle, butt, or love handles, nor the armpits
or the backs of the legs.

Going back to our little equation above, we get:

 1,000 “toxic” units – 1,000 “toxic” units = 0 “toxic” units

And when you have 0 “toxic” units, you have 0 “toxic” build-up.

And of course, when you have 0 “toxic” build-up, you have 0
“disease,” and 0 “extra fat!”

But what is more surprising than this discovery is the fact that
even though she (and a growing number of other newly enlightened
doctors) has mountains of evidence supporting this, the
“mainstream” medical establishment is out to get her just like
prosecutors in the notorious “Salem Witch Trials!”

Short of trying to burn her at the stake, other doctors would
rather keep selling you “toxic” drugs — that although eliminating
one symptom cause who only knows how many “other” very damaging and
even dangerous conditions?

Also, not surprisingly, weight-loss food companies would equally
like some “evil” to befall the lovely Dr Suzanne.

“I guess it’s just a matter of economics,” suggests Dr Suzanne,
“after all, if people follow my advice they will never get sick in
the first place, they will never get fat, and therefore they will
have little need or dependency on either other doctors or special
diet foods.”

And this means a major loss in income to doctors and food
manufacturers — and in terms of BILLIONS of dollars lost to them!

So serious this has become that Dr Suzanne recently suffered death
threats — believed by at least one federal law enforcement agency
to have originated from high up in the world of big business from
the drug empires (and I don’t mean the illegal drug dealers, but
the “legal” drug dealers!)

“Officials” won’t say yet who their chief suspects are — and most
likely the whole matter will become “hushed up” all too soon.

Hushed up because:

1. The “powerful drug companies” are certainly rich enough to pay
  someone to close any investigation

2. The more threats she gets, the more people everywhere will
  “KNOW” she’s telling the truth, because if she weren’t these
  “powerful bigwigs” wouldn’t be so upset!

Dr Suzanne’s “T0P Secret Fat Loss Secret” works on getting your
body to get rid of the toxins — NOT on trying to get you to make
major changes in your lifestyle, few people if anyone can really

I mean think about it:

99% of everyone you know that says they are doing a “new diet” only
end up failing anyway.

The woman we all know who said five years ago that she was on some
new diet to “L0SE 25 pounds” now weighs 50 pounds more (Ha!
Horrible, yet a tad funny!)

Or how about the guy who joins the gym to “get back into shape” who
a year later looks even worse?

These are the people YOU and I both know.

They’re all around us, and are clear “PROOF” that diets and
exercise DON’T really work – and not because those things aren’t
good for you and me, but because something else is standing in
their way!

And that’s none other than “toxins!”

Get rid of “them,” and get rid of “everything else!”

It’s just that simple.

But you MUST know what you’re doing, or else you may make a mistake
by thinking you have, when in fact you haven’t!

And that’s precisely what’s inside Dr Suzanne’s “T0P Secret Fat
Loss Secret!”

Now, at this point I would like you to strongly consider everything
I’ve said here, and I hope you will even get her “Top Secret Fat
Loss Secret” for yourself.

Ordinarily I’d say do whatever you want as I would never try to
twist anyone’s arm.

 However, in this particular case, I must press you.

You see, because Dr Suzanne has been the target of death threats,
and because she’s now taking so much heat from the so-called “good
guys” out to sell you every “legal” drug under the Sun, she may be
forced to remove her “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” out of YOUR reach
very, very soon!

And if that happens, “YOU” at least may never find out the TRUTH,
and not be able to use it for yourself or those you love and want
to protect!

That’s the real reason I’m writing you today:

So that you have the chance to be armed with something that if you
act right away no one can ever take away from you!

So, rather than write a single sentence more, why don’t I just give
you the link so you can get it right now before it’s too late:

 >>>> Fat Secrets

That’s it.

Please, do what you think right now is BEST…

Just looking out for you, as always,



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