Enjoying the holidays with my family!

This holiday season has been a joy! I have truly been in a state of bliss with my family during this time. I haven’t done a lot of food prep. However, I did manage to take time out during Thanksgiving and fix up several raw food dishes. Then for our Christmas I made up a batch of holiday Christmas cookies. Christmas day was wonderful!

We spent time with my husband’s side of the family the evening of Christmas Eve, and my son played his saxophone for the kids. He played fun Christmas songs, as well as a few jazz numbers too.

My son really touched me this year. He presented me with two wonderful, unexpected, and wanted gifts. I received a 10-cup food processor which I needed very badly, since mine broker earlier this summer. I’ve been using my chopper that came with my blender. The other gift was a yoga mat, which I’ve wanted for quite sometime now. I usually borrow the one at the rec center where I take my classes – so it’s nice to finally have my own. I absolutely love my gifts, but what touched me the most was how proud and happy my son was that he gave me gifts that brought me such joy and surprise. It made me cry. I truly felt that he got the importance of giving from the heart. He seemed to be happier about what he gave me and the joy it brought, then all the wonderful gifts he received for himself. Plus he gave me this absolutely fabulous card. It really made my day! I’m so proud of him! =)

I’m just about done with my second raw recipe book. I’ve completed all the content, and all the recipes, which are currently being reviewed by my dear friends, John and Janet Evers of Sonoran Botanicals. This book will have over 230 recipes to help anyone who’s interested in transitioning to a raw food diet, or is looking for new ideas to inspire them in the “raw food” kitchen. I’ll keep you posted on the release date!

Well the year is quickly coming to a close, and it’s time to start thinking about new goals for the new year. I know one thing I plan to do is to go on a short detox program to get me back on track with my raw food diet goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been eating a high raw food diet, and my cheats are minimal – not even worth talking about. But I do need to get on track with my overall health. I need to make bigger efforts to get more sleep, more exercise, and cut back on the raw food sweets! Raw food sweets are definitely a lot healthier than any processed sweets you could ever eat. However, too much of a good thing can still take it’s toll. So, I’d like to get back on track with my food choices, amount of food I’m consuming, and how late I eat. You see, part of not getting rest or sleep is because I’m up late working. Then my body gasps for energy, so I end up snacking late at night on raw food goodies, which ends up taking it’s toll on me digestion wise and weight wise, so it’s important to be in balance, regardless of how healthy you eat!

Another goal I have is to start “cleaning house”. I don’t mean clean, as in scrubbing, sweeping, etc. I mean start removing things in my house and in my life that are taking up space, and creating unnecessary burdens. I want to make room for things I want and need, and focus on minimizing my stress, and stayed focus on my true goals for peace, health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Some of the things I will be removing will be personal belongings that have no use to me and haven’t for a long time, such as old clothes I will never where. Books I will never read, broken stuff that has been in a pile for repair for 10 years – and other stuff like that. Next, I will remove unnecessary financial obligations, and only continue with those things that help reach my goal and truly make me happy. The rest will only weigh me down. Then I will begin to remove those individuals in my life that bring negative vibrations – at least distance myself so that my essence isn’t sucked out of me. By doing all these things I will be able to focus on more positive, healthier, and more prosperous things that will help me to reach my goals, live happier, and share this happiness with others in my life.

What’s your new year’s resolution?

Well, that’s it for today’s post. I’ll write more soon!
Peace! =)

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