Katie needs your help! Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness

logo2_thumbOperation Chocolate-Covered Kindness page view charity drive is in effect!

Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness is a blog driven charity that our friend Katie has put together to raise money for a variety of great causes.

What can you do to help?

  • Spread the word! If you have a blog, please help Katie get the word out by blogging about, or even just mentioning, the “Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness” page view charity drive on your blog.  (Feel free to use the logo as well.)
  • Throughout the month, blog about, and link to, ANY chocolatecoveredkatie.com post.  Each time someone clicks on any link to Katie’s blog, more money will be earned for the cause.
  • During the month, click on as many pages/links on Katie’s blog as you can. Each post you click on, and each link you follow, earns more money for the charity drive.  Or, when you see Katie’s posts in Google Reader, simply click on the posts instead of reading them in Google Reader format (which doesn’t translate to any page views).

To learn more, visit Katie’s blog. Thanks for your support!

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