Join Our Local East Valley "GSG" Co-Op Group!

If you’re not familiar with “GSG”, it stands for Green Smoothie Girl (  Robyn Openshaw is the Green Smoothie Girl, offering an incredibly informative website, with great products, resources, and support. She an online raw food coach as well as a local coach in her state of Utah, with a great program called “Twelve Steps to Whole Food Eating: Transforming Your Family’s Nutrition in One year!” and a successful local and global co-op program too!

As for the co-op program, Robyn founded this program because she felt it was important that her readers and clients should be able to have access to high nutrition foods – which are not always readily available in areas and not always affordable. Non-pasteurized almonds are one of the main high nutrition foods that Robyn group buys.

Truly raw almonds are almost impossible to find much less purchase at a reasonable price. Although California is the world’s largest producer of almonds, due to a law passed in September 2007, the California almond ranchers must pasteurize their crops, destroying the live enzymes that are highly beneficial to the human body and to the digestion.  The law isn’t perfect, since it does allow for an individual to obtain 100 lbs of non-pasteurized almonds from a rancher. So, Robyn figured out the best way to get this important food to her readers and clients was by forming a group buy/co-op. This drops the price to a very affordable one, and it allows the opportunity to stock up on non-pasteurized almonds. Plus, forming these co-ops is a form of community, and union – it’s a great experience and very green to form local co-ops!

Well, recently I was contacted by a local raw-foodie by the name of Bonnie. She is working with some other local raw foodies in the Mesa/Gilbert area of Arizona to form a GSG co-op here. I was very excited to hear from her, since I have thought about finding a local co-op or working with Robyn Openshaw to learn how to form one – it’s already been done! The group is still in the early stages, so membership is really important right now. The more people to join our group, the better the pricing for our group buy.

Currently, there is another local co-op that is also purchasing the non-pasteurized almonds through the GSG group buy program. They will be placing their order on November 6th. Bonnie’s group (which I’m a part of and promoting) will be placing the first co-op order through this other co-op group since we are still working on growing our membership. If you would like to participate in our co-op, please contact Bonnie at for details. If you would like to place an order on November 6th, please see details below:

Contact Tracy Langston at for order information and prices. Time is running out so contact her this week! She will need to have prepaid orders before November 6th in order to deposit funds to write out the group check for order payment. Be sure to state that you are with “Bonnie’s Group” and copy her on the email order ( so that she can properly process your order once the product arrives. Feel free to share this information with other local raw-foodies or health conscious individuals. Remember, the bigger the co-op group the better rates on shipping and bulk item pricing.

To your health!

Peace! 🙂

– Debbie

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