Where have I been lately?

I know I haven’t been around for a while. Truth of the matter is I have been busy writing articles for my raw e-newsletter, posting recipes on my recipe blog, and writing raw food articles on Squidoo.com. I also have been coaching a few people with their slow but progressive raw food diet transition – which I’m very proud of! So I apologize for not keeping up with my personal blog.

Anyway, it’s been crazy, but crazy fun! I have been posting away on my recipe blog, until today when I got temporarily banned from updating it. WordPress.com is trying very hard to correct the matter, but still have not successfully removed the block. You can still visit my blog and get recipes, I just can’t post anything new at this time – bummer, I know! Hopefully it will be corrected before the end of the week. I always try to post at least 1-2 recipes per week. I lost one recipe because of this – and unfortunately never wrote it down (so it’s kind of lost in my mind somewhere deep). I do have another recipe for another superfood cookie ball, but it will have to wait.

As for my e-newsletter, I’ve been pretty proud of myself. Although I don’t consider myself much of a write, I have enjoyed writing about the various topics on a raw food diet, and health in general. I feel pretty good about the information, and if anything I always promote that people take the time to research for themselves – and I always provide resources!

I love the newsletter deal, but I’m also getting into creating “lenses” for Squidoo.com on the topic of raw food, health, and personal empowerment. It’s a great format, easy, fun, and it get’s the word out real well! I think I’m addicted to it now!

I’m still out there promoting my superfood smoothie book, and actually making progress with a lot of non-raw foodies, who are actually athletes and into taking all kinds of supplements. So the superfood smoothie book has been really working on this crowd. I’m happy about that!

I’m also proud to say I officially broke my addiction to the Trader Joe’s organic corn chips. I no longer crave them, buy them, or eat them – yeah for me!!! Oh, and the other good news is my son is slowly crossing over to the “dark side” (as they tease me at work), to eating a very high raw vegan diet. He’s been doing this for about 3 weeks now, and getting more and more into the full transition…it’s very cool! My husband is also slowly moving over…not completely, but enough to help share with his buddies at the gym and get them interested. So it’s all very cool, and very positive!

Well, that’s all for now. That ‘s the update on my life. If you’re interested in visiting my recipe blog, go to http://www.vegarifficrecipesite.wordpress.com/. You can also sign-up for my newsletter there or from my main website at http://www.rawrifficfood.com/.

To find me on Squidoo.com, just search for Debbie Marsh. Easy enough!

Till next time, keep it safe, keep it fun, and keep it HIGH RAW!!!

Peace! 🙂


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