You know you’re a raw food red-neck when…

You know you’re a raw food red-neck when…

  • your food processor breaks, so you duck-tape it to stretch the life of the appliance for as long as you can
  • your Nesco dehydrator turns itself on and off as it overheats – but you keep using it, taking twice as long to dry your foods
  • use your mini-blender from Walmart until the blades just don’t cut any more
  • make raw ice cream in your non-high speed blender, and freeze and stir until it’s done (still just as amazing – if the recipe is good!)
  • borrow high quality appliances every chance you get

…I could go on, but you get the idea…

So anyway, the reason for this post is to make a point. I’ve been doing the raw thing for about 2 years now, and love it. As you can see, I don’t have any of the high quality appliances that would make my life easier, but are currently out of my wallets reach! That doesn’t mean my recipes and food are not high quality.

You see, I am of the belief that it is more important to spend the money on the high quality food (fresh, local, organics) and good raw food supplemental ingredients (raw carob, raw coconut butter, etc.) then to worry about the initial investment in the equipment. Don’t get me wrong, as soon as I can afford these items I will be immediately purchasing them. But for now, I’m satisfied and grateful to have the equipment I do have to continue preparing delicious raw food recipes, and eating high quality raw and living food on a daily basis!

So, don’t get discouraged if you can’t afford to live the “glamorous” raw food lifestyle from the get go. If you are investing in the quality of the actual food you are eating, and eliminating the crap your body doesn’t need, than you are “living the glamorous” raw food lifestyle!

And, the day I can afford to get the quality equipment I’d like, I’ll be posting it on my blog so you all will be the first to know and see! 🙂

Peace! 🙂

– Debbie

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