Check out my recipe blog!

I decided that although I like posting my raw recipes on My Raw Life blog, I feel like they get lost when I start posting other blogs unrelated to raw food preparing. So, I decided to create a blog specifically for my raw food recipes. It’s called, Raw-Riffic Food Recipe Blog (

I have done my best to post (or will be posting) all the raw recipes I have shared so far, and of course new ones too. The blog is actually a part of my raw food website, Raw-Riffic Food (http// so that visitors can link to it from my site as well.

Eventually I plan to add additional topics to the raw food recipe blog, such as posts related to raw food products, raw food recipe books, and raw food chefs. They will all be organized in an easy-to-follow way so that the recipes don’t get lost. So I hope you take time to check it out, and maybe even sign-up to get updates. Also, your comments are always welcome!

For now, that’s it. Hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend! I’m so happy I don’t have to work tomorrow! It will be a very nice “at home” Memorial day for me! Until next time!


Debbie 🙂

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