What I’ve been up to (personal product reviews, web updates, life)

Hi everyone! I’m back – at least for today…lol!

I’ve been busy, as always. However, I thought I’d take some time out today to blog about what I’ve been up to. Besides being a very involved parent, employee, and wife, I’ve been busy updating my Raw-Riffic Website, trying out new and delicious raw convenience (or transition) foods, and raw chocolates, reading books, making raw foods, and finally publishing a revamped full-color printed version of my “Raw-Riffic Food’s 101 Super-Charged Juices, Shakes & Smoothies”!

First up, about the raw transition foods I’ve been eating. Well, I’ve been watching The Raw Food World TV show daily. One of the episodes mentioned Kale Chips (Cheesy). Plus, I’ve really been into kale, and making my own kale chips with just sea salt, EVOO, and garlic. Well, these Kale Chips (Cheesy) mentioned on the show looked absolutely amazing that I just had to try them for myself. So, I ordered 1 bag – just 1 bag. My mistake. I should have ordered a couple of bags, cause when it came I ate the whole bag in just hours. Yes, just hours! They were RAWSOME! Oh, I also ordered these delicious Power Wrap – Curry too. Again, I ate them as soon as I got them. Well, these items were so good, I went ahead and placed another order for them. This time I stocked up. I hope to get them next week. Anyway, I couldn’t wait, so I came up with my own version of cheesy kale chips. Except, mine are called red-bell pepper and basil kale chips. These were pretty darn good too! It should tie me down until my order is received! You should try them for yourself – seriously, they are GREAT!

Kale Chips (Cheesy), 3.5oz

Power Wrap - Curry

Next to the Kale Chips (Cheesy) and Power Wrap – Curry, I also recently discovered the most incredible raw chocolate bars ever! They are “Righteously Raw” bars and they are the bom! I found them at Wholefoods, but you can also order them online. There are 3 flavors I have discovered so far, Maca, Caramel, and Goji. Each one is chocolate heaven! My favorite is the Maca Bar!

I was so impressed by these bars, I decided to check out some more popular raw chocolate bars. I’ve been dying to try Shazzie’s chocolate bars, so I finally did it, and ordered one of each flavor. I believe it was 7 or 8 in all. I hope to receive them soon so I can write about the ecstatic flavor I know they have! I’m also thinking about trying the chocolate bars from The Raw Chocolate Company that was featured on Angela Stoke’s Raw Reform blog, and on The Raw Food World TV show. They look rawsome too!

I’ve been into making a lot of pates and salads lately. I’ve posted several photos and short recipes on Raw Fu. It seems to be the easiest way, and tastiest way for me to eat more truly raw food, and less “convenience raw food” or “raw junk food” as I call it (raw bars, dried fruit and nuts). I’d rather eat the raw junk food that real processed junk food – but I still need to make sure I fill up on live food – so pates and salads (next to smoothies of course) has been the way for me lately! Today I had fun, cause I took cucumbers and hollowed them out, stuffed them with almond pate and seaweed salad, then sliced them up like sushi rolls – boy was that ever yummy and pretty!

So, I finally “polished” and published a full-color printed version of my “Raw-Riffic Food’s 101 Super-Charged Juices, Shakes & Smoothies”. I’m so proud of it, being my very first published book. I put a lot of heart and soul, sweat and tears, and cashola to try to present a nice colorful book with information and great recipes to super-charge anyone who wants to try! Although I’m not a professional chef, or a nutritionist, or a photographer/writer, I do love creating and sharing things that interest me most, and that are helpful and healthful for others. I still have an e-book version (which has been updated too), along with the printed copy. You can find it at Lulu.com. Eventually it should be available through the distribution chains of Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and others – but this process takes about 6-9 weeks. If you do check it out – I hope you enjoy it! Write me and let me know.

Well, being that I finished my book, and that I truly am interested in being more involved in this whole raw food lifestyle, I just had to update my website. It is still a work in process, but it is looking pretty good to me. I have changed up the design somewhat, and have added more categories. The site is mainly for information and resources. I hope you find your way there, and benefit from the site. Today I finished up a few pages of it, including the celebrities and entertainment page. There is always room to add more, but this is the start. Check it out!

As for books I’ve been reading…well, I recently finished The Raw Food Diet Myth. Wow, what a book! Heidi Ohlunder was right on with her review of this book. It is great! I learned a lot from it, and realized that I personally don’t need to get too hung-up on some of the raw politics. I know what I’m in it for, and I know that it’s helping me…regardless of whether or not I choose to be a 100% purest or not! Anyway, the information in this book is so valuable! I recommend this book to all rawfoodies – especially the newbies! I decided to go back and finish reading The 80/10/10 Diet, and Paul Nison’s Raw Food Formula for Health. I want more information to see how I fit in to all this, and what I need to do for myself personally to get the most health benefit! As for my mind and soul, I recently finished reading Eckhart Tolle’s Oneness With All Life: Inspirational Selections from A New Earth, The Strangest Secret – Book, CD Set and DVD Video Set (How To Live The Life You Desire), and now I’m reading The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham. I find that these books keep me focused, and filled with peace and faith. I’m able to create more positive vibes through the teachings of these books, and from eating a high raw and living food diet. It’s great!

Well, I think I’ve covered enough for now. I’ve gotta run and continue updating my site. Plus I want to do some sprouting (I’m still learning!). So, until next time – keep it raw!


– Debbie 🙂

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