Great weekend so far!

Well, I’m so pleased right now. I have had an absolute fabulous and fun raw day today so far. I attended my very first raw food class today. It was Kristine Suzanne’s Raw Chocolate Class, held at Whole Foods, in Scottsdale, AZ, and it was absolutely great! I met some very nice people there, and enjoyed a great class.

Kristine is so adorable, and even cuter and bubblier in person. She does a great job with teaching the class, and making it fun and interesting! Plus, we got to meet her mom, who was definitely a special treat herself. She was great fun, helpful, and has great personality. They were truly a wonderful and beautiful Mom and Daughter pair!!!
We learned how to make about 11 recipes, plus an additional bonus recipe all to take home. And the sampling was absolutely out of this freaken’ world! I mean, the raw chocolate recipes really RAWKED!!! My mouth was watering so much, I wanted more, more, more…in fact, I couldn’t wait to get home and start making one of the recipes – that I started just now. I’m making the “Chocolate Chia Crackers”. I would love to share the recipe she gave us, but you’ll have to wait for her special E-book coming out real soon! Believe me, the chocolate recipes are well worth it, so stay tuned, and check Kristine’s blog from time to time, so you can get your copy of the E-book, other recipes from her site, and all the great raw tips and tricks she has to offer. And if you ever get the chance, definitely take at least one of her classes! It’s great fun! I definitely plan to do this again real soon!!!

Speaking of Kristine, her June 30, 2008 blog posting, “How To Make Raw Food EASY!” is great reference material. She always has the best tips on how to keep it raw and simple, and delicious! I printed this one out to keep as a nice reminder that when I get too busy and feel tempted to give-in to unhealthy choices, I don’t have to – no excuses!

Oh, I have to write this, just in case. One of the young ladies I met at Kristine’s class was telling me how much she liked the Lydia’s Organics crackers. I told her I didn’t much care for them, because of the few I tried. But I decided to give them another try, so I purchased the Luna Nori flavored crackers – and boy were they ever good. I take back what I said!…lol

Just had to update you…while writing this blog, I took a break and placed my “Chocolate Chia Crackers” in the dehydrator, and then whipped up a batch of Kristine’s “Romantic Raw Chocolates” –which we also learned how to make today. Yum-yum! More to come…

More great food from the Sunny Raw Kitchen
Well, Carmella has done it again! She just published her second raw E-Book called, ‘The Best of Raw Freedom Community’ This book is packed with all the best recipes that Carmella and friends of the Raw Freedom Community have shared over time! I recommend you add it to your collection if you haven’t all ready!

Tried Tasted Served
There’s a great new raw blog out there in cyberspace, packed with super good raw information on raw food, “Tried Tasted Served”. The pictures, layout, writing, and information is very classy, and it’s packed with resources and more…a few blogs ago I wrote about how I purchased an E-Book called ‘Chop to Impress’. A perfectly raw and simple way to eat delicious raw food, without a lot of work – very nicely done too.

This weekend is making up for a long and hectic week past…

I’m amazed I kept up with my exercise this week, since it’s been so gosh darned hectic! As you know my son and I have been going to the rec center at least 2-3 times a week. We have made it to two full yoga classes, and had a kick-ass workout in yoga this past Wednesday. Although I’ve been super busy at work, and pretty busy when I get home, and getting to bed pretty late every night, we still managed to make it to the rec center last night. And boy I’m glad we did! I didn’t have a lot of energy, cause I missed lunch at work, but I had a banana before we left and felt fine. We definitely worked up a sweat, and hit the weights hard. When we got home I made us a nice green and tropical smoothie – just the way my son wanted. Then I attempted to read my “Raw Magic book, but fell asleep.

During the week, I have managed to make some type of delicious and nutritious green smoothie for myself and my family every single night. This has helped my family cut back on the amount of they have for dinner, and it’s been easier for me as far as prep time and cleanup! I did take some pics, but not a lot. So to close, I will share another yummy smoothie I made this week…hope you enjoy it! Till next time…

Southern Green Peach Smoothie
3 medium yellow peaches
1 medium banana
1 big handful baby romaine lettuce
1 big handful spinach
1 cup red and green grapes
1 cup mango chunks (fresh or frozen)
1 handful goji berries
1 scoop raw protein
1 scoop MSM
1 T raw honey
1 tsp bee pollen
Dash ground cinnamon
Purified water and ice cubes to cover

Place all ingredients in a blender and puree on high until smooth and creamy! Yum-yum!

Peace! 🙂

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