Raw Tuesday

Well, I wrote sooner than expected, but I’m glad. I basically had a very nice day today, and I just wanted to share some of the things I had.

Every morning I have a small berry protein smoothie, and then usually another 24oz “raw body shake” which is similar to my “berry breakfast smoothie“. But for lunch I kept it “green”. I made a delicious salad, topped with fresh cut avocado slices, and Frederic Patrenaud’s Better than Ranch Dressing, that I made last night. The salad was made as follows:

Green Garden Salad:
Mixed Fresh Green Herbs and Flowers
Green leaf lettuce
Romaine lettuce
Portobello Mushroom chopped
½ peeled and sliced Cucumber
Corn from one Cob
Better than Ranch Dressing (or your favorite)
Avocado slices

(I made enough salad to eat over the next two days…)

I have to say, I ate way too many flax-chia crackers today – just like I thought I would. But that’s still better than cheating on Sun Chips, or some other S.A.D. chip. As you recall from yesterday’s blog, I made another big batch, so it should last through the week (I hope)!

Since I had to go back to work today, I really didn’t get a chance to read any of my new books. Plus when I got home, I needed to workout – which I did.

For dinner I decided to have a fruity shake. I took an old favorite from Kristine’s Raw, the Cherry Vanilla Hemp Shake, and modified it to be what I call, the “Black Forest Banana Hemp Shake”. Let me tell you what, it was way yummy! Here’s my recipe:

Black Forest Banana Hemp Shake:
10oz. bag frozen cherries (or the equivalent in fresh, but pitted)
¼ cup hulled raw hemp seeds
1 small banana
1 T. raw Cacao powder
1 T. raw Carob powder
Enough almond nut mylk to cover the ingredients in the blender
Small handful of raw cacao nibs
About 4-6 purified ice-cubes
(You can add water if needed to thin the shake out – your choice)

(This made about 2 ½ tall servings…which my son and I finished off quickly!)

Well, that’s it for tonight. I want to go in the kitchen before it gets any later and make some raw ice cream. I plan to make vanilla, and some chocolate. Plus, I want to start reading my new raw books so I can tell you more about them.

Till next time!

Debbie 🙂

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