Book Review: Raw Foods for Busy People

Recently I haven’t spent a lot of time preparing fancy raw food. However, that’s not totally true, since I did make another batch of donut holes, corn chips, and ice cream. I also tried out a recipe for chicken-less nuggets from site. The nuggets weren’t too bad, but they just seemed flavorless. So, I decided to make a raw barbecue sauce. I recently had purchased the recipe book, Raw Foods for Busy People: Simple and Machine-Free Recipes for Every Day, by Jordan Maerin. It’s not a thick book, but definitely has some good choices for quick and delicious raw food fixes.

I found the perfect recipe for a Pineapple Barbecue Sauce on page 40. Very simple and delish. I actually took half the nuggets I prepared and dipped them in this sauce, and then placed them back on the dehydrator to heat up, and absorb the sauce. It worked, and it definitely made improvements to this recipe. However, the nuggets still weren’t flavorful enough for me. So, I decided to dip the remaining nuggets in a batch of the Almond Butter Marinade from page 36, that I had made for a salad I ate earlier. This recipe is the bom! I mean, it has flavor, it mixes well, and it has that sweet, spicy, and nutty Asian taste that’s great on just about anything. And that is a true statement, since it tasted grrrrrreat on the chick-less nuggets. That’s what did it for me. That’s what made that nugget recipe the best.

Being that I was having great success with the few recipes from this book, I decided to review the whole book. As I said before, although the book is compact, it definitely covers enough info on raw food and the raw food diet, and it’s packed with easy and flavorful recipes. And the price for this book is quite reasonable too! You should pick up a copy to add to your favorite raw book collection.

The fruit soups are fabulous! And there are some great easy snacks to make and take with you wherever you go…all raw! I plan to make some more goodies in this book and share them all with you. In the meantime, you should check out a copy for yourself. 🙂

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