Debbie’s raw chocolate candy…yum-yum!

I have been wanting to come up with my own version of raw chocolate candy. When I was out shopping recently, I came across a silicone candy mold with heart shapes. I thought it would be cool to use it to make my candy for Valentine’s Day and try it out on my family, friends, and co-workers. The recipe I created ended up turning out grrrreaaaaaaaaaaaat! I was very pleased. And needless to say, those who had the opportunity to taste the candy were also pleased. So, I figured I would go ahead and share it with all of you, since I’m proud of it, and not too worried about being embarrassed by my efforts…lol…I know, I’m silly! Well, here it is, hope you like it too! Enjoy! 🙂

½ or more of melted (carefully-keep it raw) raw Cacao butter
½ cup of melted (carefully-keep it raw) cold press raw Coconut oil or butter
3 Fo-Ti (Ho Shou Wu)
1 T Mesquite powder
1 T Lucuma powder
2 T raw organic Agave syrup
1 T organic Maple syrup (not raw)
2 T raw Carob powder
2 handfuls aw cacao nibs
½ cup or more raw Cacao powder
1tsp Vanilla extract
1tsp ground Cinnamon

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