Unbaking success, and my daily raw for Friday

I’m happy to say, my recipe for bread/crackers came out great! I brought some broken pieces, and an avocado to work with me so I could share it with co-workers. I got everybody to try it, with the exception of 3 people – not bad. And the consensus was that everyone loved it, and were amazed that it was “raw”!

This was also the first time I successfully sprouted anything. In this case it was Buckwheat. In addition to the Buckwheat, there is sunflower seeds, flax seeds, spices, and veggies. It’s very yummy! For dinner I made two nice sized sandwiches with the bread, that had delicious veggies, and marinated portebello slices.

So, since I started out with my bread recipe. I might as well list my daily raw for the day.

Today I had my usual 6oz berry smoothie
24oz raw body shake
2 handfuls of raw almonds (love it)
2 carob brownies
1 mango, parsley, and romaine lettuce with water smoothie
1 banana
several pieces of my sprouted buckwheat sun bread with avocado
the delicious sandwich featured above, that included romaine lettuce, avocado, tomato, cucumber, and portobello slices marinated with bragg’s amino acids, in between two pieces of the sprouted buckwheat sun bread. By the way, I had two of these sandwiches…
then for desert I had a big desert glass of my raw iced cream creation made of cacao, fresh coconut meat, macadamia nuts, dates, agave and vanilla. This was topped with bananas, and a delicious raw syrup made of lucuma, carob, mesquite, cacao, water, agave, and SweetLeaf liquid dark chocolate stevia. This syrup concoction was actually inspired by a similar recipe found on Raw Rob’s site.

And of course, plenty of water throughout the day. I’m drinking some right now. 🙂
Tonight I also made a big batch of raw carob brownies for one of my closest friends. She’s allergic to chocolate (imagine that), and wants so much to try new treats that aren’t as bad for her, or as fattening. So, “RAW” it is! I’m sure she will enjoy them. I basically use the same recipe as the cacao brownies I made before. Simple and tasty!
Well, as far as my sciatica goes, it’s still bothering me something awful. Obviously the pain meds help take the edge off, and my raw food helps keep my overall energy and health in check. However, I’m unable to exercise, which is not good; and I find it hard to sleep well, or relieve myself with ease. This is because the nerve pain shoots from my hip and groin area all the way down to my toes of my right leg. It’s terrible. I mean it! I know I’m a broken record, but I’m serious when I say I need to get into the chiropractor, and can’t wait till then…it should be real soon. I just have to be patient.
In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy reading about raw food, writing about raw food, preparing raw food, meeting others who enjoy raw food, teaching others and sharing with them the joys of raw food, and eating (of course) raw food.
I’m going to call it a night. Hope all of you have had a great Friday, and that you will have a terrific weekend too!
Good night all!
– Debbie

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