A raw gourmet weekend

I definitely felt like the “raw gourmet” this weekend. After reading Carmella’s most recent email and blog from her site, The Sunny Raw Kitchen, I just got inspired and started “uncooking“. I decided to make a couple of the recipes I found on her site, such as Snow Drop’s Sesame Chicken, Fudge Brownies (I actually used the recipe link for brownies that I found on Jayna’s blog site, Loving Raw Food and Fitness, I also made a Cheesecake and Whipped Cream that I found on Carmella’s blog site too. I finished my gourmet uncooking weekend by making my own recipe of Chocolate Banana Iced Cream, and a version of popcorn using brussel sprouts that I hope meets my liking. I’ll know more tomorrow.

Since I had fun making all this food, I of course ate some of it, as well as shared it with my family. On Saturday I started out with my own made up chocolate shake, called the Black Forest Maca Super Shake. It consisted of bananas, maca powder, raw cacao powder, organic cherries frozen, organic pineapple chunks frozen, 2 medjool pitted dates, raw honey, almond nut milk, and purified water. It was super thick, and super delish! For a late meal, I had some of the sesame chicken and veggies while it was dehydrating, a fudge brownie, a couple of dates, a banana, some raspberries, lots of water, and my cheat for the weekend was three shots of butterscotch schnapps (sipped) while watching the UFC 79 live fights on cable on demand. Yes, I am a true UFC fan…don’t laugh…well, go ahead, laugh!

Today I made a berry breakfast smoothie with some maca powder added, as well as bee pollen, and flax seed oil. I ate an apple, two dates, then a serving of my chocolate banana iced cream, with a small piece of the fudge brownie, and some of the whipped cream, and a couple of blueberries with a slight drizzle of maple. I later had a plate of my sesame chicken, and licked the spoon of the cheesecake I made. Oh, and I had plenty of water today…lots of water…

I have to agree with a statement that Jayna recently made in one of her blogs. As much as I love all the gourmet goodies made of the nuts and stuff, it does have a tendency to bloat me. I know part of the reason is my stomach has shrunk, and when I make these goodies I have a tendency to eat too much of it at a time. All things in moderation…no matter how good it is…lol

Well, that’s it for tonight. Thanks for stopping by. In case I don’t blog tomorrow, I wish everyone a Safe, Healthy, Raw, Happy New Year!


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